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New Pool Construction | Process

Stage 1

Signing the Contract

Signing the Construction or Installation new swimming pool on QBCC Contract and making payment for the Deposit and the QBCC Insurances.

Stage 2

Engineering & Approvals

Once the contracts are signed the designs of your pool project are sent to engineers and certifiers to obtain approvals.

Stage 3

On-Site Meeting

The is referred to as ‘the mark out meeting’, where the project is taken over from the construction team. On Mark-out day, this is attended by the client, the consultant, and project manager. The pool will be positioned, measurements, distances,
height will be confirmed before the excavation takes place.

Stage 4


Pool Project Management will organise all excavation machinery to dig as per the design and engineering requirements.

Stage 5

Delivery of Reinforcement & Equipment

Steel Fixer will build the internal steel frame and pre-plumb pool. Certification of the internal steel frame will be done by the engineers prior to concrete.

Stage 6

Concreting of Shell and Surrounds

Our team will lay the concrete as per the design and contract. If you are house under construction this is where we would leave the site and let your house builder take over.

Stage 7

Curing of the Concrete

Minimum 14 days During the curing of the concrete, we aim for the following to take place.

Stage 8


This is where your project comes together with your chosen tiling, fencing, filtration, and attachments getting installed.

Stage 9


Once your fencing is certified your chosen pebble interior will be supplied and installed, once finished the interior will be acid washed and your pool will be filled with water.

Stage 10

Handover and Landscaping

The most exciting time in your pool project is the pool start up and handover your pool. This is done by our team where they will run you through all filtration and steps to maintain your pool and enjoy your pool. If you have chosen to include our beautiful landscaping this will be installed at these final stages. 

All ready for the big unveiling to family and friends!

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